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Basic Tire Installation

Quote generated on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tire Dismount and Mount, Computerized Wheel Balancing, Reset TPMS, and FREE Tire Rotations

Qty Line Item Price Ext. Price
Laufenn 215/70R16 X FIT HT (LD01) (100H) $125.61 $502.44
4 Basic Tire Installation $16.99 $67.96
  Total $570.40

Terms & Conditions

Most Vehicles. Does not include light truck tires, or vehicles with rim diameters of 21" or greater. Additional charges may apply if new valve stem or TPMS service kit is required. Does not include State Disposal Fee.

Tire Town - New Orleans

4020 Old Gentilly Rd
New Orleans LA 70126
(504) 949-2703

Price on Tuesday, May 30, 2023:$125.61 each, excluding installation

Laufenn 215/70R16 X FIT HT (LD01)

All-Season Highway Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


* High stiffness center block * Shoulder 2-in-1 block * Comfort design * Zigzag groove design * Multi-snow kerf design * Four wide, straight tread grooves * Lateral groove lugs * Folded belt edge tape design * 2-step edged shoulder block outside * Stone ejectors * 60,000 Mile Tread Life Warranty (P-Metric Sizes Only)


* For optimized all season performance * Ensures improved stability and handling for a reliable driving experience with a focus on safety * Offers exceptional comfort for pleasurable on-road driving * Designed to prevent damage from stone drilling and external impact * Long tread life

Tire Specifications

Load Rating1001764 lbs  (800 kg) per tire
Speed RatingH130 mph  (210 kph)
Load Capacity1764pounds (lbs)
Maximum Inflation51PSI
Mileage Warranty60,000
UTQG620 A BTreadwear: 620
Traction: A
Temperature: B

Tire Town - New Orleans

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4020 Old Gentilly Rd
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